Understanding the New Version of the Zero Interest Loan

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New zero rate loan to support real estate
To better understand the new version of the zero-rate loan (PTZ) which you can do a simulation here: Simulation rates 0+, European Partner dissects for Internet users the subtleties of a text to consolidate the revival of the real estate market .

With the announcement of the state to remove some aid, the real estate market still chilly could collapse again. To prevent this crisis, the government is planning a project for a new loan at zero rates. Thus, the current PTZ is reworked to include the deduction of interest on loans and the Land Pass. A decision that has the effect of softening the suppression of interest! In any case, the purpose of this makeover is clear: helping first-time buyers to pass the mark of a first real estate purchase!

By studying the various laws and explaining to Internet users the particularities of each text, the European Partner guides individuals and facilitates the purchase or sale of their home. For example, for this new zero rate loan, it is essential to know that depending on its location, the amount of neo-PTZ will be more or less important. As many specificities as the European Partner explains in these different topics of news. With its many announcements and benefits for sellers or buyers, the specialist real estate transactions has become a must.

About the European Partner

About the European Partner


With 18 years of experience, the European Partner advises and guides individuals for the purchase or sale of a house. In any case, the real estate specialist offers many topics to facilitate transactions for sure.

The European Partner scrutinizes real estate news!
With the European Partner, the news section allows you to follow the day-to-day evolution of the market and its legislation. In addition to advice on the purchase or sale of a house, specialists also study the various state aids to facilitate the acquisition of a property at a lower cost. The experience of the European Partner is precious!