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The wishes regarding a loan can be quite different. Especially when it comes to raising a credit score-free loan .

Although most borrowers know exactly what they want. But not every wish can really be fulfilled by the banks or private investors.

Why top up a credit score-free loan is so difficult

Why top up a credit score-free loan is so difficult


To take out a loan without asking the credit score is a special task that not every consumer can manage. After all, it is well known that the traditional banking houses are very gracious if they want to grant a loan without asking the credit score.

In general, this works only if the borrower can name a very good guarantor, who provides his credit score for the query. It is therefore more likely that the non-scholar credit comes from abroad or from a credit intermediary.

This should have specialized in the best case on such loans. Foreign loans, most of which originate from the Sigma Kreditbank in Liechtenstein, are not suitable for raising credit score-free loans.

The bank offers no increase and does not allow two loans to run in parallel. As a contact point for the credit score-free credit increase the Sigma Kreditbank would therefore not suitable.

What about the intermediaries?

What about the intermediaries?


It looks a bit different with the credit intermediaries. Suppliers are even promoting a credit score-free loan.

However, the conditions for this step are very narrow and must be fulfilled. Otherwise, no increase will be possible here.

In order for the topping up to become a reality, it is important that all liabilities were served on time. This means that all installments were transferred in full and on the agreed date.

In addition, a good portion of the loan amount should have been repaid to the lender. Often, only so far increased, that the original loan amount is restored.

It must also be borne in mind that a credit score-free credit increase is always accompanied by a review of the conditions.

What should the requirements be?

What should the requirements be?


These should present themselves positively. The income must still be given and move at a high level.

Furthermore, no further debts or credits should have accumulated. Because the revenue-expenditure ratio must be respected.

The amount of monthly charges should then be adjusted to the circumstances. Sometimes it is smarter to extend the term than to increase the rate.

Because in the end, so much money must be left over that everyday life can be comfortably disputed.

Our tip

You should plan well for a credit score-free loan. The request to the donor should always be in writing.

Should this be a concern, then it is not worth pushing or seeking assistance elsewhere. In most cases, there are good reasons why an increase is not recommended.

On top of that should be expected before the topping. maybe the offer made by the current donor is not the best offer.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to look at other lenders, which conditions they offer for a loan. Maybe it’s even better to take out a new loan than simply top up your old loan.

But this must always be decided individually.